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Astronomical Traditions in Past Cultures

Edited by Vesselina Koleva and Dimiter Kolev

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1996

ISBN 9549013316 (pbk), xiv+185 pp.

Astronomical Traditions in Past Cultures

A collection of 20 selected papers from the first annual conference of the European Society for Astronomy in Culture (SEAC), held in Smolyan, Bulgaria, in 1993. The volume also contains the SEAC statutes, both in French and English. Papers are in English with abstracts in Bulgarian.

List of contents
1   New approaches to the investigation of astronomical symbolism within the ritual landscapes of the prehistoric British Isles. Clive Ruggles 1
2   The Northeast Mexican petroglyphic counting tradition: a methodological summary. William Breen Murray 14
3   Kumu Kahi. First beginnings: astronomy and cosmic architecture in ancient Hawai'i. Karen J. Meech and Francis X. Warther 25
4   The limits of cognition in the archaeoastronomical interpretations. Penka Muglova and Alexey Stoev 34
5   Methodological considerations concerning the astronomical research of Sarmizegetusa-Regia, Romania. Florin C. Stanescu 38
6   Some simple techniques and devices useful in practical field-archaeoastronomy. Wolfhard Schlosser 42
7   Evidence for astronomical and mathematical knowledge of the ancient Thracians. Vladimir N. Dermendjiev and Peter Valev 53
8   Mathematical-astronomical study of Thracian cult constructions (tombs). Peter Valev 57
9   Report on observations and investigations of archaeoastronomically relevant structures in southern Germany. Franz Tichy 77
10   Archaeoastronomical investigations at Biskupin, Poland (Early Bronze Age enclosure and Early Iron Age settlement)--first results. Stanislaw Iwaniszewski 85
11   Positional systems for solar and lunar observations in the archaic cultures in Bulgaria. Alexey Stoev and Yulia Varbanova 93
12   Some remarks about the astronomical orientation of the pyramids of Chacona (Güímar, Tenerife). José Barrios García 101
13   The Holy Place: a view from afar. William Breen Murray 107
14   The dissemination of the ancient astronomical knowledge of Slav peoples in the Middle Ages Europe. Nikola S. Nikolov 111
15   Hunting the European Sky Bears: when bears ruled the Earth and guarded the Gate of Heaven. Nikola S. Nikolov 116
16   Comets as a prototype of St Michael the Archangel's fiery sword in the Bulgarian iconographic tradition. Petko Nedialkov 143
17   The Milky Way, a path of the souls. Arnold Lebeuf 148
18   Eneolithic astronomical observations and mythological beliefs. Ana Raduncheva 162
19   The Moon and the genesis of the Mesoamerican 260-day count system. Elzbieta Siarkiewicz 167
20   Calendar in the cult scene from Ovcharovo. Vesselina Koleva 175

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