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Astronomy, Cosmology and Landscape

Edited by Clive Ruggles, Frank Prendergast and Tom Ray

Ocarina Books, Bognor Regis, UK, 2011 [2001]

ISBN 9780954086732 (e-book), x+187 pp.

A collection of 15 selected papers from the sixth annual conference of the European Society for Astronomy in Culture (SEAC), held in Dublin, Ireland, in 1998. All the papers are in English.

Astronomy, Cosmology and Landscape
List of contents
1   Time and space in social systems - further issues for theoretical archaeoastronomy. Stanislaw Iwaniszewski 1
2   The winter sun in a Palaeolithic cave: La Cova del Parpalló. César Esteban and J. Emili Aura Tortosa 8
3   Hunting the European sky bears: on the origins of the non-zodiacal constellations. Roslyn M. Frank and Jesus Arregi Bengoa 15
4   Prehistoric sites along the 'Hellweg' trade route. Wolfhard Schlosser 44
5   Astronomy, Cosmology, Monuments and Landscape in Prehistoric Ireland. Clive Ruggles 51
6   Differences in Minoan and Mycenaean orientations in Crete. Mary Blomberg and Göran Henriksson 72
7   Astronomy, writing and symbolism: the case of the pre-hispanic Canary Islands. Juan Antonio Belmonte and M. Antonia Perera Betancort 92
8   The transmission of Graeco-Latin astronomy. Carlos Jaschek and Eulalia Perez-Sedeño 106
9   Aztec star constellations and Aztec cosmology. Uta Berger 112
10   The Mexica (Aztec) Milky Way. Carmen Aguilera 127
11   Hunting the European sky bears: the Candlemas Bear Day and World Renewal ceremonies . Roslyn Frank 133
12   Birth and celestial bodies in Lithuanian and Latvian tradition. Jonas Vaiskunas 158
13   The beliefs and mythology of the early Irish, with special reference to the cosmos. Fergus Kelly 167
14   Jonathan Swift's astronomical prophecies. Irakli Simonia 173
15   Orientation for archaeoastronomy--a geodetic perspective. Frank Prendergast 175

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