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Archeoastronomia: un Dibatto tra Archeologi ed Astronomi alla Ricerca di un Metodo Comune

Archaeoastronomy: a Debate between Archaeologists and Astronomers Looking for a Shared Method
Book edited by Mario Codebò plus Bilingual CD–ROM edited by H. De Santis

Istituto Internazionale di Studi Liguri, Genova, Italy, 2009

ISBN 978-88-86796-43-9 (pbk), 336 pp, 74 b/w pictures and 7 tables

Archeoastronomia: un Dibatto tra Archeologi ed Astronomi alla Ricerca di un Metodo Comune

The proceedings of a conference held by the Instituto Internazionale di Studi Liguri. All contributions are in Italian in the book, and in Italian and English on the CD. The CD also contains colour pictures and three related exhibitions.

List of contents
  Summary: Why this meeting? Mario Codebò
1 Tombs, temples and their orientations: a new perspective on Mediterranean prehistory. Michael Hoskin
2 Archaeoastronomical measuring: from Stonehenge to Phyramids. Vittorio Castellani
3 Relationship between morphology and orientation in Sicilian ritual architecture since the IV to II millennium B.C. . Sebastiano Tusa and Giorgia Foderà
4 Description of some European Upper Palaeolithic supposed calendars: an attempt at distinction between the hypothesis and the reality. . Giuseppe Vicino
5 The reflection of ancient astronomical knowledges in the rock art of Armenia . Karen Tokhatyan
6 Carahunge: the prehistoric observatory in Armenia . Paris Herouni
7 Archaeo-geometry at Stonehenge . Marcello Ranieri
8 Social complexity, political planning and uses of the firmament . Maurizio Tosi
9 The orientation of Margherita of Brabante's tomb . Riccardo Balestrieri
10 Cupmarks: a time system annotation. Geometric analysis of configuration . Giorgio Dimitriadis
11 Are there astronomical observation places in Bormida Valley? . Carmelo Prestipino
12 Sky perception and rock art: methodological problems . Sergio Martini
13 Aspects of material and spiritual culture in the discoveries of archaeoastronomy and their collocation in the paleoethnology . Pietro Gaietto
14 Upper palaeolithic systems of notation. What do we really know about them? Francesco d’Errico
15 The general and the specific: some methodological problems in archaeoastronomy . Clive Ruggles
16 Sicilian prehistory archaeoastronomical perspectives . Sebastiano Tusa
17 Application of satellite GPS tecniques to the survey of archaeological and archaeoastronomical places . Adriano Gaspani
18 Archaeoastronomical orientation and classical mithology . Ubaldo Lugli
19 Rocca di Cavour (Piemonte): possible topographic data of ancient astronomical data . Vittorio Castellani and Arrigo A. Cigna
20 The seeing row: survey method of astronomical oriented cupmarks . Giuseppe Brunod
21 The church of Madonna del Poggio de Rey in Perinaldo (IM): orientation between history and tradition . Marina Muzi and Daniela Piliarvu
22 Comparative megalithic palaeo-astronomy: Sardinia, Corsica, Eastern Liguria . Enrico Calzolari
23 An astronomical measure as design support for the ancient Rome (report out of meeting). Piero Meogrossi
  Public singular and general debates with proposals

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