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Astronomies and Cultures

Edited by Clive L.N. Ruggles and Nicholas J. Saunders

University Press of Colorado, 1993

ISBN 0870813196 (hbk), xvi+344 pp.

A collection of ten selected papers from the third Oxford international symposium on archaeoastronomy, held in St Andrews in 1990.

Astronomies and Cultures

These thematic articles, mostly based on invited keynote talks at the conference, were chosen to illustrate the broad scope, diversity and cultural significance of studies in archaeoastronomy at the time. Several of them are still quoted today.



Astronomies and Cultures is a unique book, combining a fresh and intellectually stimulating approach to a discipline undergoing rapid change. Its specially commissioned and carefully written review papers are based on original research by acknlowledged specialists, and provide an interpretative framework of wider cultural significance than any previous publication in this subject.”

Anthony F. Aveni
List of contents
    Foreword. Anthony F. Aveni xvii
1   The Study of Cultural Astronomy . Clive L. N. Ruggles and Nicholas J. Saunders 1
2   The Yao Dian and the Origins of Astronomy in China. Chen Cheng-Yih and Xi Zezong 32
3   The Riddle of Red Sirius: An Anthropological Perspective. Roger Ceragioli 67
4   Astronomies and Rituals at the Dawn of the Middle Ages. Stephen C. McCluskey 100
5   Folk Astronomy in the Service of Religion: The Case of Islam. David A. King 124
6   Cosmos and Kings at Vijayanagara. John McKim Malville and John M. Fritz 139
7   Medicine Wheel Astronomy. David Vogt 163
8   Venus-Regulated Warfare and Ritual Sacrifice in Mesoamerica. John B. Carlson 202
9   Astronomical Knowledge, Calendrics, and Sacred Geography in Ancient Mesoamerica. Johanna Broda 253
10   The Pleiades in Comparative Perspective: The Waiwai Shirkoimo and the Shipibo Huishmabo. Peter G. Roe 296


Companion volume

Astronomies and Cultures is one of two volumes arising from the “Oxford III” conference. The companion volume is Archaeoastronomy in the 1990s.


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