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Calendars, Symbols and Orientations

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About the book

Société Européenne pour l’Astronomie dans la culture

Calendars, Symbols and Orientations:
Legacies of Astronomy in Culture

edited by Mary Blomberg, Peter Blomberg and Göran Henriksson
This collection of twenty-four papers examines the numerous ways in which the stars influenced our ancestors' view of the world. The papers are divided into five categories: Archaeoastronomical theory; Calendars in artefacts, folklore, and literature; History and iconography of the constellations; Astronomy in art, mythology, and literature; and Orientations and their interpretations. From Stonehenge and Ramesside star clocks to the use of ropes in astronomy, and even an Orion-based pregnancy calendar, this volume covers a wide range of periods and places.
Calendars, Symbols and Orientations: Legacies of Astronomy in Culture

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