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Proceedings of the second SEAC Conference, Bochum, August 29th-31st, 1994

Edited by Wolfhard Schlosser

Astronomisches-Institut der Ruhr-Universität, 1994

ISBN 3000012435 (pbk), 188 pp.

Proceedings of the second SEAC Conference, Bochum, August 29th-31st, 1994

A collection of 17 selected papers from the second annual conference of the European Society for Astronomy in Culture (SEAC), held in Bochum, Germany, in 1994. Three of the papers are in German, the remainder in English.

List of contents
1   A new archaeoastronomical investigation of the Irish axial-stone circles. C.L.N. Ruggles and F. Prendergast 5
2   Neolithic and Eneolithic structures in Central Europe: calendrical-astronomical implications. S. Iwaniszewski 15
3   Neolithische Rondelle, keltische Viereckschanzen, älteste Kirchen und Retunden in Böhmen und Mähren mit astronomischen Ausrichtungen. Z. Ministr 29
4   Archaeology and astronomy along the Westphalian 'Hellweg'. W. Schlosser 41
5   The new and full moons in the astrological reports to Assyrian kings and the Book of Esther. S. Iwaniszewski 49
6   Pythagoräische Topographie der sakralen Daker-Hauptstadt. F. Kerek 57
7   Astronomical orientation in ancient Dacians' sanctuaries. First part: Dacians' sanctuaries of Costesti, Romania. F. Stanescu 69
8   The historian Heinrich Nissen (1839-1912) and his opus 'Orientation'. F. Stanescu 77
9   Pyramidal stepped shape of the sun and moon at the horizon and the construction and dedication of pyramid temples in Old America. L. Krivsky 87
10   Measurements of some prehispanic monuments in Bolivia and Colombia. G. Romano 89
11   Some remarks on the notation of Venus synodical cycles in the Mexican codices. E. Siarkiewicz 115
12   Review of archaeoastronomical objects in Lithuania. S. Lovcikas 125
13   Litauische Sternkunde. J. Vaiskunas 139
14   The Guanche lunar calendar and the Virgin of Candelaria (Tenerife, 14th-15th centuries). J. Barrios García 151
15   Three wooden calendars from west Bulgaria. V. Koleva 163
16   Fiery sword of St Michael the Archangel in Russian icons and bright comets' appearances--one unique icon. P. Nedialkov 175
17   Computer-aided determination of azimuth and declination values. G.G. Coray-Lauer 179

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